Effects of Ion Clusters

Ion clusters can do this

Ionization of air forms a non-thermal plasma, and cations and anions formed by oxygen and moisture decomposed by electrons in the plasma create aggregates = ion clusters gathered in units of 10 to 60 pieces.
イオンクラスターは化学反応を起こしやすい物質のため菌やウイルス、カビ菌を不活化し、臭いや揮発背有機化合物(Voc)Causes the phenomenon of disassembling

Effects of Ion Clusters 1
Disinfection measures

Ion clusters surround floating bacteria, and OH radicals are generated on the cell membrane surface of the fungus.
Because the drug is not administered, resistant bacteria are not made.
Ion clusters surround the surface of the floating virus, and OH radicals occur on the surface of the virus.

Effects of Ion Clusters 2
Odor removal

● Odorless odor
The odor component drifting in the air is wrapped and easily decomposed by oxidation reaction. It will be odorless molecules. With this, stubborn odors that have been given up when it is difficult to remove body odor, dirty odor, pet odor, etc. are OK.
IPA:Isopropyl alcohol
MIBK:Methyl isobutyl ketone

Effects of Ion Clusters 3
VOC detoxification

● Decomposes and removes hazardous chemicals
It adheres to harmful chemical substances floating in the room and surrounds it, exerts a strong oxidizing action, decomposes and removes*. It is effective for measures against sick house syndrome, chemical hypersensitivity, atopic disease, etc.
*About 200 hazardous chemicals such as ammonia are removed.

Reaction to PM2.5

PM2.5 is a tiny particle of material size of 2.5 micrometers.
PM× is a sulfur oxide of gaseous air pollutants(SOx), nitrogen oxides(NOx)volatile organic compounds(Voc)it is composed of particles particleized by chemical reactions in the atmosphere, and particle states in which organic compounds are attached around particles such as coal flaming dust that are directly discharged by the combustion of objects.

In response × pm× ion clusters are effective in immediately chemically reacting with gaseous ones to detoxification, and decomposing and removing harmful organic compounds that adhere to the surface and stick to the surface of particulates.